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How to find the IP address of a third party BACnet device


After a find new bacnet devices in Continuum, 3rd party devices may come in and that we do not know the IP address of.


Continuum Cyberstation Bacnet Operator Workstation


Bacnet Devices in Continuum explorer IP addresses are encoded in HEX per Bacnet Standard. Bacnet IP addresses in Bacnet are described as Bacnet MAC address.


3rd party IP level device is already in the Bacnet side of Continuum the IP address in HEX located as Bacnet MAC address.
Right click and edit the third party device and use the Bacnet MAC address to decipher. That is the IP address plus the port used to communicate

For instance:
The Bacnet MAC address on the device editor is 0A9F1ACFBAC0

That would be 0A = 10, 9F=159, 1A=26, CF=207

 The ip would be and BAC0 is 47808 on the port.

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