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How to fix the issue of running LNS database extreme slowly in TAC Vista Workstation in separate PC


User can open the database in TAC Vista Workstation, but can not run project database with LNS network properly which copied from project site. TAC Vista Workstation is extreme slowly when user operates in separate PC or laptop.


  • Vista 5.1.X
  • Windows Environment
  • LonMaker / NL220
  • Vista System Plug-In


In user's PC or laptop, Vista database can not find properly LNS port which exists in project site PC.


User should operate as following steps to fix this issue,


1. Define the database which copied from project site as active database in tab "Vista Database" in "TAC Vista Server Setup";

2. Run TAC Vista Server application (TACOS.exe);

3. Run TAC Vista Workstation. User need wait for a while to wait TAC Vista Workstation open database completely;

4. Right click the LNS port, User need wait for a while to wait right click options appearing, and click "Properties". Please see figure below,




5. Record the port name in TAC Vista Workstation and it's "Device address" in the properties window to a TXT file and save it. Please see figure below,



6. Delete all text in the "Device address" in the properties window, and click "OK" to accept the change;

7. Repeat step 4 / 5 / 6 to delete all LNS port's "Device address".


- After the last "Device address" has been deleted. The TAC Vista Workstation's response speed would be back to normal.

- If user does some modification and need apply in the project, which means the database would replace the project site database. Remember to restore the "Device address" name according to the TXT file and process this step on the site PC.

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