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How to get a WIBS serial number for licensing a downloaded copy of the Tree Tech 3.1 software.


Downloaded the Tree Tech 3.1 software. How do I get a serial number so that I can complete the licensing form displayed with the "Tree Tech software" program?




The Purchase Wibs license generator program requires a "WIBS serial number" so that the license request can be generated. If the field is left blank, the program will not allow the license request to be generated.


The serial number is provided on purchased CDs so as to provide a method of tracing the manufactured CDs. To license the downloaded version of the Tree Tech, enter an 8 digit serial number. It is suggested, although not required, that you enter the current date as the serial number. When using the date as the serial number, enter the four digit year followed by the two digit month followed by the two digit day, i.e., in the format YYYYMMDD. For example, 20110520.

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