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How to get the modbus registers from a ICP7188


  • How do you get the Modbus register list and communication values from a ICP7188 (SP7040) project.
  • Have extracted files from ICP7188 (blue turtle) want to upgrade this to a Xenta 731 or 913, how can I read the current register configuration from this device.


ICP 7188


Want to replace a ICP7188 "blue turtle" device with a Xenta 731 or 913 and need to now what the current Modbus configuration / registers are in the ICP7188 device.


To retrieve the Modbus values from the ICP7188 (SP7040) project you will need two text files Cfg9100.txt and MAP9000.txt. from the original project. and the following files contained in this ZIP file SP7040.

Note:  If you need to extract these files you can follow the instructions in the "ILink Commissioning Guide" PDF which is contained within the above ZIP file.  If you don't have the LinkTerm application detailed in this document you can download and install it from here.
N.B: After extracting this file there are two files with the extension '.rename', ISDEL and SETUP.  Both these extension must be renamed to '.EXE' and then you can follow the instructions is the above mentioned guide.

After extracting the SP7040 ZIP file to a drive on your PC along with the two text files into the directory proceed with the following steps:

1. Open the TGT9100.xls file. Make sure you have Macros enabled in Excel.

2. Then select the Device Editor button.


3. This will move you to the System Device summary with a message indicating there is a mismatch of the configuration files.

Select Yes too load the configuration files


This will populate the Table from the txt files copied earlier.

4. Now you can select the + button next to the Type heading

5. Then select the + button next to the Type heading to show the Modbus values for that device.


6. To view the communication setup select the + button next to the System heading as seen in the step 4 image.

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