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How to increase the number of modbus registers the Xenta server polls in a single request


How do I increase the number of modbus registers the Xenta server polls in a single request?


Xenta 511
Xenta 913
Xenta 701
Xenta 711
Xenta 721
Xenta 731


This feature is not well documented in the Xenta 700 documentation, though it is mentioned in the TAC Xenta Server – Gateway, Technical Manual (Xenta 913).


  1. In XBuilder, selected the Modbus device in the network view.
  2. Under Link->Max Range Size you will see the current setting, the default is 20 which most devices support.
  3. Change the number to a desired value between 1-100. Note that the value must be supported by the device!
  4. Download the project to the device to commit changes.
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