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How to integrate I/NET with Pelco Analog Matrix


How to integrate I/NET with Pelco Analog Matrix in order to implement some features, such as:

  • Switch specific camera image to specific monitor.
  • Switch specific camera to specific preset and display it on specific monitor.

Product Line



  • I/NET
  • Pelco CCTV system
  • Pelco Matrix


In some projects there is demand for access control system to integrate with analog CCTV system to do the alarm interaction. I/NET can integrate with Pelco CCTV system with ASCII code communication.


I/NET communicates with Pelco analog CCTV system through ASCII code. There are two kinds of communication port for Pelco matrix, which are RS232 and RS485/422. For RS232 port for matrix, an RS232 to RS 232 cable is needed. If there are no COM ports for computer, an USB to RS232 converter is needed. For RS485/422 port for matrix, an RS232 to RS485/RS422 converter or USB to RS485/422 converter is needed. Connect the I/NET server to Pelco matrix through this converter, and the steps below should be followed:

  1. Open the I/O Configuration of I/NET, and choose the port for text output port and baud rate for the port communicating.

  2. In the AMT, choose Edit--->Text Library, and click Add.
  3. Choose a point for alarm interaction, and the status of the point to activate the interaction: alarm, acknowledge, return to normal (RTN) and acknowledged/return to normal (RTN).

  4. In the text area, enter the ASCII code for matrix. For the two applications of the alarm interaction, different ASCII code should used:
    • 1Ma1#a, which means switching 1# camera image to 1# monitor
    • 1Ma7#a1\\a, which means switching 7# camera to 1# preset and display it on 1# monitor. Here "\a" is an escape sequences for I/NET, so we need one more "\".

Then the integration with I/NET and Pelco CCTV system is finished. When the specific point goes into alarm, then the specific camera can be switched to specific preset and displayed on specific monitor.

For more applications of the integration with Pelco analog matrix, refer to the documentation for the Pelco ASCII Protocol Manual.

And for more information about how to set text output in I/NET, refer to Text Output through RS-232 Port in I/NET.

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