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How to link and display a camera view from the Active Event View.


Displaying live or recorded video associated with a door.


Video Integration



Advice on linking video to access control.


Create your Video Server for your Pelco DVR and find all the cameras.
If you have created an Active Event view and added the doors you wish to monitor in that view, you should start to see the events appear as required.

Now to link this to Video Layouts, create a Video Layout by right clicking on the root and select New Video Layout.

Select the layout view required, probably a single camera view would be best for 1 door. Right click on the black camera screen, select the Video Server you have previously created with the camera you require for that door. Select the live button and this should show up the image from that camera.

Now Edit the Door object, go to the Alarms tab. Click on the ... button next to the Video: field. Select the new Video Layout you have created for that door.

Open the Active Event viewer; swipe some cards to get some events in the window. Select one of the events from the door you have setup and then click on the Video icon above, the Video layout for that door will show.
You can link each door to a different Video Layout to show the correct camera view.

Note: The Active Event View is a view of live information as it happens, once the window is closed the view will be lost. Historical/ logged access data can be viewed from the Event logs and video via the Pelco video system.

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