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How to load the Pocket I/A 4.1 software on a handheld device (PDA)


How to load the Pocket I/A 4.1 software on a handheld device (PDA)


  • Handheld device (PDA)
  • Pocket I/A 4.1 software


An Installation manual for the current version of the Pocket I/A software is not available.


Use the following procedure to install the software:

  1. Open ActiveSync on the computer and establish a connection to the Pocket-PC device.  It is not necessary to create a partnership when making this connection.
  2. Copy the CAB file and paste it somewhere on your handheld device, the Storage Card is a recommended location. After copying the file to the device, disconnect it from the computer.
  3. Open Pocket-PC's File Explorer, located into the Programs.
  4. Browse the storage card or the location used to copy the CAB. Select and run it, and a window will appear, which asks to choose a location to install the program. It can be the Device or the Storage Card, so select either and click below on Install. The process after that is fully automated and after the installation is complete it will show a confirmation screen.

Refer to the help file installed with the Pocket I/A software for information on using the program.

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