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How to log / create an alarm for Continuum invalid login attempts.


How to log / create an alarm for Continuum invalid login attempts.


Continuum Cyberstation


Need to log and / or create an alarm for when there are invalid attempts from a user to login to a Continuum Cyberstation.


We have the ability to monitor the Continuum user logins for a specific number of failed attempts, to log an alarm event in the Database, and also send this alarm to Cyberstation recipients.

1. Configure the number of failed attempts using "Setting 16 - Maximum consecutive invalid login attempts before alarm is triggered" located in the Continuum General Preferences.
2. Then configure the EventNotification at Root\Templates\LogonStatus with Recipient Workstations on the Delivery tab.
3. When the number of user logon attempts reaches the number you specified in step 1, the user is forced to restart the process and an alarm is generated and sent with a description similar to below.

"User acc has exceeded the maximum number of invalid logon attempts at workstation AdamWS1!"

An operator at another Cyberstation can then determine if the user flagged in the alarm needs to be locked out by disabling the user object or some other activity is required.

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