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How to move a CyberStation installation when replacing the workstation PC on a LAN system.


What is the procedure on transferring Continuum from one PC to another PC?


  • Cyberstation
  • SQL


Workstation hardware must be replaced.


Collect information from the existing machine

  • Backup the Continuum Database
  • Collect all IP address, DNS server and WINS server IP information from the existing workstation.
  • Determine if the workstation was a member of a network domain and record the domain name. 
  • Run Continuum Database Initialization on the existing machine.
  • Select Workstation.
  • Record the following information.
    • Workstation Name
    • Folder Name
    • Device Node ID
    • Network ID
    • Data Source Name
    • Database Name
    • User Login ID
    • Server Name.
  • Verify that you have the correct database User Password.
  • Start Continuum and run PinPoint.
    • From the View menu select Options
    • Record the folder path indicated under Graphics (Pin Files):.
    • Record the folder path indicated under Image:.
    • Record the folder path indicated under Background:

Install CyberStation on the new machine

  • Before removing the existing machine from the network, start the new Workstation without connecting it to the network.
  • Log on to the PC using an the Local Administrator password.
  • Configure the IPaddress, DNS server and WINS server IP address collected from the existing machine.
  • Disable all Virus protection software.
  • Turn off all FireWalls (Windows 7 has three firewalls).
  • On Windows 7 machines disable Windows Defender.
  • On Windows 7 machines shut off SPS Software Protection Services.
  • Install Cyberstation on the new Workstation PC
  • Shut down the PC.

Note: Do not run Continuum Database Initialization at this point.

Swap the workstations

  • Shutdown the existing workstation and remove it from the network.
  • Connect the new workstation to the network
  • Start the computer.
  • Log on to the computer using an Administrator level user account.
  • If the existing workstation was connected to a network domain, join the network domain.
  • Verify that you have full network connectivity by pinging known ethernet addresses.

Update the Continuum Database.

  • Run Continuum Database Initialization.
  • Select Workstation.
    • Enter the information under Workstation using the information collected on the existing machine and apply changes.
    • Launch Continuum CyberStation and verify that Cyberstation is working properly.
  • Run PinPoint
    • From the View Menu select Options
    • Enter the pinpoint file path location collected from the existing workstation.
    • Select the Checkbutton and verify that a failure notice (a red "X") does not appear beside any item.
    • Apply changes.
  • Verify that all Continuum functions are operating as expected.
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