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How to override a block output (DO or AO) in a MicroZone II controller on the ASD bus under a G3 ENC.


How to override a block output (DO or AO) in a MicroZone II controller on the ASD bus under a G3 ENC.


I/A Series ENC-520 with an ASD bus under it.

Network 8000  ASD controller (LIM1, MicroFlow II, MicroZone II, PEM1)


Need to document the process for discovering controllers, the blocks they contain, and  adding the block attributes to the G3 station so that the desired points can be over-ridden.


The complete process of discovering a MicroZone, the blocks it contains, and adding the block attribute to the database is illustrated in the following series of screen captures.

While the DV of a DO block in a MicroZone II application is shown, the same procedure will work with other blocks in the other ASD controllers.

NOTE*     Step 11 is not documented , and is commonly over-looked.

1. The MicroZone II is connected to the ASD bus, but it has not been added to the AsdNetwork in the station yet.


2. Right-click on the AsdNetwork, select Asd Device Manager from the menu.


3. In the Asd Device Manager, the 2 devices that have already been discovered are shown in the upper pane. To discover the MZ2, click on the Discover button at the bottom of the pane.


4. This brings up the Discovery Filter, where the type(s) of controller(s) and their address range(s) can be selected for discovery. In this case, only MZ2s will be searched for, in the default address range of 1 -32.

5. The Microzone II with address = 1 has been discovered by the Asd Device Manager, and "Success" is indicated in the status bar. The device has not been added to the database yet.

6. To add the MZ2 device to the database, click on the Mz2 device in the upper "discovered" pane, then click on the "+ Add" button at the bottom of the Database pane.

7. Pressing the "+ Add" button brings up the Add window, where the attributes of the device are displayed and can be edited.  In this case, the default values are all used.

8. A device object for the mz2_1 has been added to the AsdNetwork and is displayed in the tree on the left side pane. Expand the mz2_1 object, right-click on the "Points", and  select the Asd Block Manager from the Views menu.

9. In the Asd Block Manager, no blocks are shown yet for the mz2_1 device. Click on the Discover button at the bottom of the Database pane to discover the blocks in the MicroZone II controller.

10. When the blocks have been learned, "Success" is displayed in the Asd Learned Blocks status bar, and 25 objects have been discovered.  Expand DO 1 to expose the DV block attribute under it. This is the controller output that will eventually be over-ridden.

11. Click on the DV to highlight it, then press the "+Add" at the bottom of the database pane to add the DO 1 block's DV attribute to the station database. This will bring up the Add screen as shown below. Click OK to add the object.

12. Now the DO1 block and it's DV output have been added to the station database as a Boolean point. In the tree on the left expand the Points folder under the mz2_1 object. Right-click on the DO1_DV point, and select "override" from the Actions menu.

13. The override window is displayed, where the Time and Value of the override can be set. In this case, DO1_DV will be overridden ON (true) for 10 minutes when the OK button is pressed.

Note: Entering a time of 0 minutes will result in a permanent override.

14. The block output has been overridden, and is displayed in the Database pane of the Asd Block Manager view.

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