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How to program a camera window to pop up when two inputs are True.


Require details on how to setup two inputs to pop up a camera window when both inputs are True.

Product Line

Security Expert


Security Expert


Unsure how to setup programming for two inputs to display video from one camera when both inputs are set to true.


Need to create:

  • 3x Virtual Outputs
  • 1x Programmable Function
  • 1x Input Type
  • 1x Area
  • 2x Inputs
  • 1x Event Filter
  • 1x Action



Virtual Outputs

  1. Under Programming | Outputs create three (3) new outputs.
  2. Set Module Type to "Output (PX)"
  3. Set module address to "31" or greater.
  4. Set Module Output to "1", "2" and "3" respectively.
  5. Save the changes.


Programmable Function

  1. Under Automation | Programmable Functions create a new Programmable Function.
  2. On General tab select Type "Logic Control".
  3. On "Logic Control" tab select Logic Function Mode "7 - Follow Logic AND".
  4. First Output To Check, your first created output.
  5. Second Output To Check, your second created output.
  6. Output To Control, your third created output.
  7. Save the changes.
  8. Right click the new Programmable Function you just created and select "Start".


Input Type

  1. Under Programming | Input Type create a new Input Type.
  2. On Options (1) tab select Generate Alarms, Generate 24HR Alarms.
  3. On Options (3) tab select Activate Inout Control Output On Alarm, Deactivate Input Control Output On Restore.
  4. Save the changes.



  1. Under Programming | Areas create a new Area.
  2. Important: Ensure this Area is always armed.
  3. Save the changes.



  1. Under Programming | Inputs create your two inputs (or edit two existing inputs).
  2. On General tab set the Control Output of your first input to the first virtual output you created earlier, the second input to the second virtual output.
  3. On First Assigned Area, Areas and Input Types tab set Area to the area created previously, Input Type to the Input type created previously.
  4. Save the changes.


Event Filter

  1. Under Events | Event Filters create an Event Filter.
  2. On Event Types tab unselect "Include All Event Types" and add "Output On By Programmable Function" (both of the options) that show under All Output Events.
  3. On Record tab Add a new record. Select Device Type to be "Output", Controller to your controller, then select the third virtual output you created and press "Add".
  4. Save the changes.



  1. Under Events | Actions create a new Action.
  2. Set Type to "Popup Camera Window".
  3. Set Event Filter to the event filter you created earlier.
  4. Set Popup Camera to "Select Camera from List".
  5. Set Camera to the camera you want to show video from.
  6. Save the changes.
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