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How to realize the function of double swiping to lock/unlock a door


This function needs to be realized: when swiping the card, the door keeps unlock, until a double swiping. After swiping the card again, the door returns to secure.




In some cases this function is needed.


  • Create an extra DO point for intermediate function apart from the door


  • Define the AIC first. When there is a reader entry, trigger the Intermediate point. Remember to choose Doors and Individuals.


  • Add a Calculation on the Intermediate point to keep this point closed.


  • Define the Event definition of the Intermediate point. When this point is open, trigger Event sequence 1.


  • At last the Event sequence needs to be defined. When the door is secure (State Description 1), unlock the door (Unlock is Control Description 2, so we use Stop with lock action); When the door is unlock (State Description 2), make the door secure (Secure is Control Description 1, so we use Start with lock action).


  • Test it. You can see that in the Event window, there are two events after Reader Entry. The first one is Event control of Intermediate point, which is triggered by AIC. The second one is Event Sequence triggered by Event definition of door point.


You can download the pdf version of these steps from here.

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