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How to remove "loose" Areas from Personnel objects that have Areas assigned with a Template.


The Area schedule assignments from "Loose" Areas (ones that are individually attached to the Personnel object) can interfere with those assigned through a Template.


Continuum Access Control



Wish to remove the "loose" Areas so that those assigned by the Template take over.


Here are two methods to do this that will resolve this issue.

  1. For large numbers of affected Personnel, use the Personnel Import Utility for this by removing the areas you do not want from the import file. You may need to re-apply the template you want after this as well. See Article#4664 that describes this method.
  2. For smaller numbers of Personnel the manual method may be better. For each Personnel object.
    1. Clear out template assignment. Save the object.
    2. Remove all Areas left assigned. Save the object.
    3. Re-assign the previous template. Save the object.
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