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How to remove the Alarm File on a Niagara R2 Enterprise Server.


How to remove the Alarm File on a Niagara R2 Enterprise Server.


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The easiest way is to delete the entire (logged data) database; however this will also delete all archived data (logs, alarms, etc.) from the Cloudscape database collected by the Enterprise Server station.

For alternatives to deleting the entire logged data, see "Maintenance of the Alarm Archive File" in Lessons Learned Article #3347.

To delete the entire database:

  1. Close WorkPlace Pro
  2. Stop the station:
  3. Go to the Control Panel and
  4. Select Administrative Tools and
  5. Select Services (short cut) and
  6. Niagara, which should indicate “Started”
  7. Right Click on Niagara, and select “Stop”

To delete or remove the APP folder (and all included files) from the station folder:

  1. Go to My Computer and
  2. Select Local Disk (C) and
  3. Select Niagara
  4. Select the Niagara system desired and
  5. Select Stations and
  6. Select the desired station
  7. Select the app file and Delete it

All archived data including the alarms will now be cleared.  The station database will automatically re-create the APP folder and Cloudscape file structure, once it is restarted.

  1. Re-start the station:  
  2. Go to the Control Panel and
  3. Select Administrative Tools and
  4. Select Services (short cut) and Niagara’s Status should be blank indicating the service is not running
  5. Right Click on Niagara, and select “Start”
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