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How to replace an i1 Infinet controller with an i2 infinet controller.


  • Although i2 infinet controllers were installed, when the site was built offline i1 Infinet controller objects were created.
  • How can I change the Infinet controllers from i1 controllers to i2 controller? 


  • i1
  • i2
  • Infinet
  • InfinityInfinetController


Programmer selects the wrong type of Infinet Controller objects.

Upgrading from i1 Infinet controllers to i2 InfinetControllers.


In Continuum 1.9 and up the Infinity controller model can be changed after the InfinityController object has been created. 

Note: Some older versions of Continuum do not support all controller models.  Make sure the controller model you are installing is selectable under Controller Type in the controller editor.

To upgrade to an i2 controller from an i1 Controllers

  • Edit the controller
  • Select the correct model number, enter the new serial number and apply.
  • Reload the controller.

Also consider any EMX Expansion modules fitted, these will need to be replaced by appropriate point count xP modules, the i2 controllers support a maximum of 2 modules.

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