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How to report on / display the I/NET Host, Link and Controller system configuration summaries.


Want to create a database to show / sort a list of the I/NET system configuration.


I/NET Seven 2.2x and above


Need to display a summary or generate a report showing each level of the I/NET configuration, Host, Link LAN and subLAN.


You can display the I/NET System Configuration as follows: 

  1. From the I/NET Menu, select  Summary, Configuration.
  2. Select the level you wish to report / display
    • Host; Link; Station; UC;  MR; DPU
    • As you select each of these buttons I/NET will interrogate the network and display the necessary hardware at each of these levels.
  3. After selecting the level you want to report on, click on the Report Button
  4. The System Report selection box is then shown:
    • Select the available options: All Devices or Select device
    • Output Type – Comma Separated Values or Text
    • Output destination
    • The dialog box also displays the current level, by default this will always be Host
    • If the Auto launch option is activate, the report file will automatically open. Otherwise, you can navigate to the Output destination folder and open the file manually

As the report is being generated, a temporary status window will appear showing what devices are being queried. At any time while this window is visible you can click its Cancel button to stop the reporting process. When the report is complete, this status window will automatically close.

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