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How to reset Infinet Error Count (InfinetErrCount) and Reconfigs of Infinet controller?


The Runtime tab of Infinet controller editor shows maximum number of 255 for both the Infinet Error Count (InfinetErrCount) and the Reconfigs. Wants to reset them to 0 and check how fast the number increases. What is the command to reset them to 0?


Infinet controller

NetController(CX9200, CX9400, Cx9702, CX99xx)

NetController II (CX9680)



Having unstable Infinet with errors.  Wants to reset the Infinet Error Count (InfinetErrCount) and the Reconfigs to 0 and check how often and fast the Infinet error occurs.


You can either execute the command from Command Line of Continuum Explorer or create an InfinityProgram in the CX controller to reset them as below;

*   Set Comm2 Reconfigs = 0
*   Set InfnetCtrlName InfinetErrCount = 0          (make sure the whole path is specified)

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