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How to restore the Plain English Editor layout to the default factory settings?


The Plain English editing environment is made up of several windows that can be moved, closed, resized and generally re-arranged, it may be required to restore the default settings.


Cyberstation Workstation all versions.


The various windows in the editor may have been closed or shrunk down to a size that can not be found, or moved out of the viewable area so they can not be moved back to the regular positions. It is also possible that the initialization file has been corrupted.


  1. Stop the Continuum workstation
  2.  Find the PlainEnglish.ini file in the C:\Windows directory, this file holds the last setting of your Plain English editor environment.
  3. Delete the PlainEnglish.ini  file.
  4. Start up Cyberstation, log in.
  5. Open the PE editor this will create a new file and use the default settings for all window positions.


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