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How to retain an AccessEvent history of visitor names when using a generic pool of visitor access cards?


How to retain an AccessEvent history of visitor names when using a generic pool of visitor access cards?



Continuum Cyberstation


Need to record a history of access events for visitor cards with the visitor name and the card number assigned to them at the time.


Using the Personnel Manager.

  1. Setup a Personnel Profile for Visitors with default areas assigned. For example, use the existing "Visitor" profile.
  2. Setup a Personnel Profile for Visitors with no areas assigned. For example create a new one called "Visitor No Access". This will allow just the required distributions to be sent down to access controllers when they are required.
  3. Create a new personnel object for each visitor assigning a dummy card number to them with the "Visitor No Access" profile you created in step 1. Save the object.
  4. Issue a temporary card for that personnel with the "Issue Tmp Card" button; using one of your visitor cards and add area access by using the "Reset Access Rights" button to assign the "Visitor" profile created in step 1. After applying the changes to the Personnel object they will then distribute access down to the controllers.
  5. When the card comes back, restore the original dummy permanent card with the Restore Tmp Card" button and reset the access rights back to "Visitor No Access"; freeing up the visitor card to be used again. Save the object.

This will provide you with an AccessEvent audit trail of the visitor card number and the personnel name associated with it at the time it was being used.

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