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How to setup basic Elevator Control in Security Expert.


Do we need to use an Elevator HLI or can this function be accomodated for with Security Expert Hardware.


Security Expert

Elevator HLI


Requirement for low level Elevator Control using solely Security Expert Hardware.


To do Low Level/Basic Elevator Control without an HLI requires physically breaking into the button circuits in the elevator car and inserting an output for each button. The output is connected to the Security Expert system so essentially the circuit going back to the elevator controller is only ever complete when the access control system is engaging the output which means we can gain control of the elevator.
You also have the ability to do Destination Reporting with Low Level Control by inserting a set of inputs along with the set of outputs behind the elevator buttons, that way if several floors are unlocked by one user we can tell which floor they selected as the input from the floor button they pressed opens.
The Security Expert Operators Manual mentions the use of a PX16 output board, this is a legacy board that we have not brought in to Security Expert. The hardware you would use for a new installation would be DIN Rail hardware. Typically this would include the SP-O8 output expander and if you were doing destination reporting and input expander such as the SP-IO84 as well depending on how many Inputs/Outputs you need. You also have a card reader in each car so reader expanders are also required. Currently we are not able to configure an elevator to require a PIN and this will only work with card only credential.
The setup within Security Expert is relatively straight forward. You will;
  1. create a set of floors, program in your elevator cars then assign the relevant floors to the cars;
  2. define the associated input/output to the floor as well as any schedules;
  3. then create your access levels accordingly.
Details on how this is accomplished are in this Elevator Module excerpt from the training which takes you through a bit of a walk-through of Low Level/Basic Elevator Control including hardware requirements and software programming.
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