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How to setup custom ABA cards using Continuum NetController or ACX57xx


Sites need guidance on how to setup custom ABA cards in Continuum.



NetController I (CX99xx)

NetController II (CX9680)

AC1Plus IOU Module



The implementation of ABA cards in Continuum access control systems was designed to comply with the ISO 7811 ABA standard for magnetic stripe card. Because of this, the system only reads  one field (the PAN or Primary Account Number) from the ABA card, this field contains a number of up to 19 digits which is used as the card number.

Continuum Custom ABA feature provides for maximum flexibility by allowing the 19 digit PAN field on track 2 of the mag stripe to be organized in sub fields such as site code etc.


A summary of the steps to configure Custom ABA cards in Continuum is available through the CyberStation Online Help.  Open the help on the Continuum workstation and search for "Defining a Custom ABA String Format"







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