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How to show damper feedback for an i2/b3 866-V.


Existing documentation for showing damper feedback and provide damper calibration is applicable only for Continuum and the same steps will not work in SmartStruxure.






Damper feedback and calibration for these controllers do not work the same in SmartStruxure as they do in Continuum.


We can show the correct damper feedback but will need to write a script program to correctly calculate this and then write this back to an Analog_Value.

Unfortunately it looks like we aren't able to bind directly to the "LCD State" attribute to be able to toggle this (and the damper calibration feature) from within a Script Program. For now you will need to toggle this attribute of the Damper Output manually from "enabled" to "disabled" and back. This will set the damper to drive closed fully, then open fully, then to about 75%.

After this is calibrated properly the "Override Value" attribute in the Damper Output will update with likely a very large, and strange looking, number. To convert this to something usable we will need to multiply this value by 100 to give us a percentage open value. See Zip file with XML code and screenshots of the configuration with notes.

Either import supplied XML file into b3866-v or create below objects:

1. Create DamperOutput as a multistate output. Assign to channel 1.
2. Create DamperPos AnalogValue.
3. Create Script Program Damper_Position and input code as shown in image. This will be a looping program.
4. Bind DamperOverrideValue to the OverrideValue attribute of the Damper Output and DamperPosition to the DamperPos AnalogValue we created earlier. See image for details.

After the points and program is created and the damper calibrated, you should see the DamperPos AnalogValue update with a live representation of the current Damper Position.

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