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How to show raw card data of a badged card in Security Expert.


How to show raw card data of a badged card in Security Expert.


Security Expert

Custom Card Format


Need to configure a custom card format and need to see the raw bit string to determine this.


Displaying a cards raw data is an option by default. Check that the "Display Card Data When Invalid" option is enabled under READER | MISC OPTIONS.
Display Card Detail When Invalid:
When enabled, the reader expander will display the
actual card data received from the reader when the card number is not known. This can
be used to interface with custom third party applications that require their own processing
of card information. This option is enabled by default and can be used to add card data to
a user when operating Security Expert. When disabled the reader will display the card
number not found message.
Next, set the format on the reader expander port to "Any Bit (RAW)".
This should populate two events when the card is badged. One telling you the facility code and the other telling you the card number. 
Read Card Number: 46160846
Read Facility Code: 436207616
1. Put the facility code into a Programmer Calculator to convert from Decimal to Binary. This is a 32-bit number.
2. Of the 32 bit number take the first 8 Binary digits (in the example this is 0001 1010) and convert this back to decimal.
00011010 bin = 26 dec
What you should see in the decimal field is the bit length the card uses.
3. Now in the Reader Format, it’s an experiment to find out which of the Bit options would correspond to the cards. (In the example above you would need to look through the 26 bit options.)
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