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How to stop a Workstation from receiving Device Offline alarms.


Do not want a particular Workstation to receive Device Offline alarms.


Continuum Cyberstation


Device offline alarms are not to be delivered to specific Workstations.


There are a couple methods that can stop these alarms from being delivered:

  1. You can stop all alarms from being delivered temporarily by; R-click Continuum icon in task bar, select Properties, and un-tick "I want this Workstation to receive alarms in this session". This will stop all alarms from being delivered to this Workstation until it is re-enabled or you log off then back on.
  2. Stop this Workstation from receiving just Offline alarms. Browse to the Templates folder and open the ControllerStatus EventNotification, remove this Workstation from the Delivery tab. It will no longer receive any alarms from offline Devices (this included Workstations and Controllers).
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