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How to tie a Photograph, Signature or Fingerprint to a badge layout.


When editing a card layout in EPI Designer how are the live fields linked to the Personnel attributes?


Cyberstation with card badging -B Option.


Clarification on how to link to personnel attributes


  1. Select the "Dynamic Image" icon from the top menu, then use the cursor to draw a box the size of the photo required on the card.
  2. Right Click the new box and select "Properties"
  3. Select the Image Tab, then from the image type drop down select from Photograph, Signature or Fingerprint. In this case these 3 options do not require a Field Name entering as they already define the attribute required. Other settings can be selected / adjusted as required on the other tabs.
  4. Save the badge layout, close EPI Designer, then select File, Print Preview Card from the Make/Edit Badge screen. This will show how the Photo, Signature or Fingerprint image will look on the card.
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