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How to upgrade TAC Vista 5.x.x SQL Database to 5.1.7


Procedure to upgrade SQL database from TAC Vista 5.x.x to 5.1.7


TAC Vista 5.x.x

TAC Vista 5.1.7

MSSQL Express 2005 SP4

MSSQL Express 2008 R2 -SP1


Revised TAC Vista SQL database layout: TAC Vista 5.1.7 introduces a revised and improved SQL database layout in order to improve the overall performance in the TAC Vista system with large databases. The revised database layout is utilized by default for new installations and current installations can be upgrade either automatically or manually depending on the installation type.

SQL 2008 R2 Express SP1: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express SP1 is now included in the TAC Vista Server 5.1.7 installer. The TAC Vista Server installer can upgrade an existing SQL Server 2005 Express installation to SQL Server 2008 R2 Express SP1; only supported in a typical TAC Vista installation.




Follow the Instructions before Implementing this procedure:

  1. Take the Vista Backup and SQL DB backup before implementing this process.
  2. Shutdown the TAC Vista Server. If the Vista Server running as a Server, Stop the service and shutdown the TAC Vista Server.
  3. Open the “SQL Database Upgrade 5.1.7” (From Program Files [or] from Start Menu)

  4. Check the Server and Database options.

  5. Choose the correct type of Authentication. If the vista using SQL Server, choose the SQL Server Authentication, enter the correct Login details.
  6. Click on “Test Connection” and “Test User access”. You should find Test Connection access and Test User access successful.
  7. If Vista and SQL DB backup has taken, check on the “Check Box”.

  8. Click on “Upgrade”, then the following screen appear. Then Click on “YES” to upgrade.

  9. After the upgrade is complete check the Vista Server has a connection to the upgraded SQL database. This is done from the Vista server setup. Use the test connection

  10. If the connection is successful you will see a message like this.

  11. Now, the SQL database has been upgraded.

Download this procedure in PDF Here .

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