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How to upgrade from Continuum v1.4


How to upgrade from Continuum v1.4


Continuum Cyberstation


What are the steps in upgrading from Continuum 1.4


For a smaller site it may be quicker and more reliable to install the current Cyberstation version, then upload from the controller, this has the advantage of ensuring you have a clean database. The alarms, workstations etc, would needs to be rebuilt from scratch.

If the current database is clean (Passing continuum analyzer is NOT proof of a clean database, only a helpful initial step) and it is decided to upgrade the existing database from 1.4, you will first need to upgrade to v1.5x, then follow Lessons Learned Article #4474.
The overall process can be a little complex as various operating systems need to be available/installed.

  1. See the Continuum Compatibility Matrix for details for the PC and Controller firmware requirements Lessons Learned Article #4240
  2. See the Continuum installation guides for the PC hardware requirements
  3. The v1.4 graphics could be .pan or .pin files. The .pan would need to be re-drawn as .pin files, in order to be compatible
  4. Run Continuum Analyzer before/after each upgrade, also run Continuum to ensure it runs correctly.
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