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How to upload the application from a TAC Xenta 280/300/401 device?


How to upload the application from a TAC Xenta 280/300/401 device?


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When the application file is generated and compiled, it does no longer contains any information about the layout, or the "yellow boxes".

Therefore, it is not possible to extract a Menta file (.MTA) from the device. It is, however, possible to upload the compiled information, and download it to another device. This way, it is possible to replace a faulty device even if you no longer have access the original application.


Always make sure that you have backup of your application files, as it is not possible to upload the graphical information from the device.

To upload the complied application information from the device, you have to start TAC Menta, and connect to the actual device via a serial cable.

  1. In TAC Menta, select Options, and Simulate to go to simulate mode.
  2. Select Online.
  3. Select Upload.
  4. Select path and filename. The extension will be *.COD (compiled application file)
  5. Select Save, and the complied application file will be uploaded.

It is not possible to open the *.COD file in edit mode in TAC Menta, you will always have to go to simulate mode before you can open up a stored *.COD file.

To change TAC Menta from Tabular mode to normal mode, just press F5. This requires that you have open up an existing application file (*.MTA) or select to make a new application.

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