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How to use AutoCAD layout in TGML Graphic Editor 5.1.7 and earlier


How to use AutoCAD layout in TGML Graphic


  • Vista 5.1.7 and earlier versions of Vista 5
  • TGML Graphic
  • AutoCAD


Sometimes it is needed to use the AutoCAD layout in TGML graphic, for example to use the plant layout as background. The official support for importing AutoCAD files was removed pretty early on in the life of TGML. It can’t be guaranteed that EVERY file would import without a problem, so it is an unsupported feature.


The following steps need to be followed:

  1. Open the drawing in AutoCAD
  2. Save as .DXF
  3. Open TGML Editor
  4. File Open the .DXF
  5. A screen should pop up saying converting DXF to SVG followed by converting SVG to TGML

It is recommended to use "Create path" command in the Object window in TGML for the converted graphic. Because the response speed of the computer will be very slow if without this action.

Note: Line widths and text will be in disorder because they are not imported along with the object.

If the DXF file fails to import, some steps to try:

  • Move every object in AutoCAD to a single layer
  • Delete all unused layers in AutoCAD
  • "Explode" complex objects in AutoCAD
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