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How to use Bypass Button of STR 350/351 as On/Off Button in Classic Network


Sometimes on/off function is needed when using STR 350/351 to start or stop a device.



STR 350/351


This function is needed for some projects.


Following the steps below to realize this function in Classic Network:

  • Create a Menta file and Click "Add STR Module" in the Device Specification.
  • In the Bits field of HVAC settings, change the value of the last 3rd bits of the first line from "0" to "1". This bit is to switch the using Bypass button as on/off function on.
  • Create an STRIN and STROUT module. Bind the STRIN to OccManCmd variable, while bind the STROUT to EffectOccup.
  • Connect the STRIN to an real DO point to control the start/stop of device. But an calculation is needed because when the button is off, the value is 2 while the button is on, the value is 3 instead of simple 0/1.
  • Also connect the STRIN to STROUT to make the output synchronize with the input, like the program below. You can also download the sample from here.

For the application used in the LNS network, refer to the Lessons Learned Article #2081.

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