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How to use the Known Occupancy Count ( KnownOccupCount ) number of an Area in Plain English programming.


How to use the Known Occupancy Count ( KnownOccupCount ) number of an Area in Plain English ( PE ) programming.


Continuum Cyberstation

Continuum Access Control


Need to be able to retrieve the Known Occupancy Count number of an Area for use in Plain English programming for limiting access to an Area. The attribute does not show up in the list of attributes in  the Area Listview.


Even though we can't see the attribute in an Area Listview, you can use the "KnownOccupCount" attribute at the command line or in Plain English programs.


Example 1 - Print Known Occupancy Count to command line.

print AreaFolder\Area1 KnownOccupCount


Example 2 - In a Workstations Program, set a pre-defined AnalogValue to the Known Occupancy Count of an Area.

Area1KnownCount = AreaFolder\Area1 KnownOccupCount


Note: The Known Occupancy Count will not function with Entry only doors. Both Entry and Exit readers are required on the doors within the Area. See Lessons Learned Article #7757 on this.

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