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I/A Series G3 ENC time of day clock runs slow. Can this be corrected in the field.


I/A Series G3 ENC time of day clock runs slow.  Can this be corrected in the field.


I/A Series G3 ENC (remanufactured replacement)


We have determined that the time clock constant was incorrectly set in some remanufactured ENC-520 controller boards.  The result is that the ENC-520 time clock (time of day clock) will not maintain proper time. 


  1. Connect to the ENC using the Serial adapter and a Windows Terminal program such as HyperTerminal. If you need information on how to use the Serial Shell (terminal connection), refer to Chapter 1 (Recover Tips, Serial shell, page 26) of the "Jace Niagara -AX Install and Startup Guide, found in the Docs folder of your 3.5.34 installation directory.
  2. Make sure that you have installed a jumper on the outer pair of pins of the MODE connector (upper right corner of circuit board -- see photo at right).
  3. Reboot the ENC by disconnecting and reconnecting the power plug.
  4. Allow the ENC to reboot and wait for the login prompt to be displayed in your terminal program.
  5. Log in using the hardware user name and password.
  6. Wait for shell menu and the "Enter Choice" prompt to be displayed.
  7. Type sh and press enter.
  8. At the # prompt, type lfss -c and press enter.
  9. The current clock multiplier will be displayed. I expect that the current multiplier is 96000000.
  10. Type lfss -c 96065600 and press enter. Wait for the # prompt to be redisplayed.
  11. Verify that the entry was properly entered by typing lfss -c and pressing enter .
  12. The value 96065600 should be displayed.
  13. Type exit and press enter to return to shell menu.
  14. Press 7 to reboot the ENC. Press y to confirm the reboot and press enter.
  15. The ENC will reboot. Remove the mode jumper and disconnect the serial cable.
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