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I/A Series G3 HTML navigation tree example


I/A Series G3 HTML navigation tree example


I/A Series G3 graphics


Need an example of creating a HTML navigation tree for I/A Series G3 graphic pages.


The demo station that is installed with the I/A Series G3 software includes an example of a HTML navigation tree.

  • Open the demo station in Workbench and go to Config > Services > UserService. Open up the user 'adminFrames'. From here you can see that the Web Profile used is the Handheld Wb Web Profile. The Nav File used is 'frames.nav'.
  • In the station, go to Files and then the nav folder. Expand the folder and open the 'frames.nav' nav file. From here, we can see that the target ord for the home page is frames/home.html. 
  • In Windows Explorer, navigate to \niagara\\stations\demo\frames. You can see 3 files here, home.html, top.html and tree.html. Look at these 3 files to see how the tree and frames are created. The images folder contains the images used on the page. 

Major steps.

  1. Engineer your station database and graphics as what you would do normally. 
  2. Create user(s) that uses the Handheld Wb Web Profile. 
  3. Create a nav file that points to home.html.
  4. Assign the nav file created in step 2 to user(s) created in step 1.
  5. Edit the home.html, top.html and tree.html according to your requirements. 
  6. User(s) created in step 2 will have the tree view when they log on from a web browser. 
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