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I/A Series (Niagara) AX/G3/N4 Windows Compatibility Matrix


Define I/A Series AX/G3/N4 software compatible with specific version of Windows

Product Line

TAC IA Series


  • I/A Series (Niagara) AX/G3/N4 software
  • Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems


Only specific releases of the I/A Series AX/G3/N4 software have been certified compliant with specific versions of the Microsoft Windows software.


The following chart details the version compatibility between the releases of the I/A Series G3 software and various versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating System software.

Refer to the attachment Supported OS_111518 to view the latest release compatibility matrix as of November 2018

Click Supported Operating Systems for Earlier Niagara Releases to view earlier release compatibility matrix information

^ 64-bit LON client not available; 64-bit serial client available in 3.6.47, 3.7, and 3.8

* Refer to PA-00163 for Windows 7 Support Info

For the larger Schneider Electric BMS offering please refer to Software and Firmware compatibility matrix for older versions of I/NET, Vista, Andover Continuum, Sa...

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