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I/A Series (Niagara) R2 Standard Output Window displays "Warning: BACnet Read Property Multiple Error" when polling BACnet points


When polling BACnet points with an I/A Series R2 (Niagara) UNC, a warning frequently appears in the Standard Output Window that reads "Warning: BACnet Read Property Multiple Error" followed by a property name and device or object name.


I/A Series R2 (Niagara) UNC or BACnet Server


The warning is reported when a UNC or BACnet Server station polls a BACnet device, and that BACnet device does not support the Read Property Multiple" function.  All data will be retrieved because the station will detect the warning and will poll each requested property, one property at a time.


This is not an issue, just normal operation. 

The startup warning messages could be suppressed by setting the device's Read Property Multiple property to false.  However, disabling read property multiple will slow the polling of this device. 

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