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I/NET AMT Time Sync Error


3:15am Time Sync error in AMT

Product Line



  • I/NET site with DCU Time Sync enabled
  • Daylight Savings Time


  1. Outdated SAV file
  2. No DST observed
  3. Enabled DCU Time Sync from Host PC


  1. Make sure versions of Bin Files are up to date with current revision of I/NET across all controllers. For how to do this read How to upgrade bin and SAV files in I/NET controllers
  2. Make sure SAV files are backed up and current. For how to do this read How to upgrade bin and SAV files in I/NET controllers.
    As the host workstation synchronizes the daylight savings time settings in a controller, it will also check for the existence of a corresponding SAV file. If a SAV file for the controller is found, the host workstation processes it as follows SAV file is current If the controller's SAV file is current, the host automatically updates it with the daylight savings settings from this editor. This ensures that if you later restore the controller using this SAV file, the correct daylight savings time settings will be downloaded.
    SAV file is old If the controller's SAV file is out-of-date, the host does not change it. In this case, you can manually update the controller's SAV file or use the Automatic DCU Save function in order to create an up-to-date SAV file for the controller. Refer to Station Save and Restore for more information. 
  3. Beginning with I/NET revision 2.41, I/NET allows the DCU Time Sync and no observance of DST. 
  4. Work around is to remove DCU Time Sync if your time zone does not observe DST.
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