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I/NET I/O Server icon not visible in the system tray (taskbar)


  • Can not see or access the I/NET I/O Server (INet7IoSrv) in the system tray (taskbar)
  • How do we access the Archive Configuration Editor when the I/O Server (INet7IoSrv) icon is not visible.


I/NET Seven 2.40 and above

Windows 7


When you run the I/O Server (INet7IoSrv.exe) application as a service in the Windows 7 operating system the service must be configured correctly so that the icon is displayed in the taskbar.  


As a workaround for the icon not showing, uncheck “Allow service to interact with desktop” on the INet7IoSrv service as shown in the image below: The system tray icon will appear only when I/Net is running.

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