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I/NET Utility Patch - Upgrading I/NET 2.14 and above.


I/NET Utility Patch - Upgrading I/NET 2.14 and above.




Two directories are required C:\Program Files\INet Seven and C:\INet Seven Data. These changes occurred as a result of requirements for future release revisions of I/NET and Microsoft Vista - Microsoft 2005 Server Operating System.


When upgrading I/NET Seven revision 2.14 and above to the later versions using the patch on the web, you are required to run the utility patch twice.

Note: When I/NET is compatible with MS Vista and MS 2005 Server a release announcement will be published.

Caution: You should always perform a data base backup before you start any upgrade process.

A new install of 2.14 will create the data directory in a different location than prior revisions.

An upgrade install will not move the data directory from its current location. The patch utility is unable to determine that the data directory has moved. Therefore, it needs to run against both the program directory and the data directory. The following steps should ensure this is done properly:

  1. Using the patch utility, point to the program directory by selecting C:\Program Files\INet Seven and execute.
  2. Once completed, run the utility again and now point to C:\INet Seven Data and execute.

This ensures that both the program files and bin files have the correct version for that revision.

Note: Prior to starting I/NET force an upgrade on the database using the DBCreate Utility.

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