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I/NET to Vista Integration Overview


Need information about options for integrating I/NET with the Vista Product Line

Product Line



  • I/NET
  • Vista
  • Xenta Server
  • Xenta 527


There are several possibilities with using Vista and I/NET products on the same site:

  • You can use a 913 as a bridge between Modbus, Bacnet, or LON to write values to an existing I/NET controller
  • You can use a 527's built in features to function as a web server, displaying I/NET alarms and points on Values pages
  • You can use Vista Workstation with I/NET host Tool as the front end for I/NET

This article focuses on connecting an existing I/NET system to Vista using the Xenta 527 Web Server


  1. Verify that you are using at least 1 527 Web Server on the I/NET site
  2. If you are using an older version of I/NET and about to install the newest version of Vista, upgrade I/NET to current revision
  3. Install Vista
  4. Install the I/NET Host tool. (available online, or on the I/NET CD)
  5. Start Vista Server
  6. Start Vista Workstation
  7. Start the I/NET Host Tool (note that you should be able to connect to controllers, edit individuals, and access all aspects of your existing database)
  8. Note that once the I/O server starts up you will be able Right-click and access the same features as though you were running I/NET. This is the same program running.
  9. In Vista Workstation, add a Xenta 527.
  10. Right Click and Edit it
  11. XBuilder will open with a new project File
  12. In the Network Pane, Expand the IP Backbone
  13. Click on the Xenta 527 Object
  14. Configure the TCP/IP settings of the Xenta 527 to match your existing Xenta 527 Web Server
  15. Expand the Xenta 527 Object
  16. Click on the I/NET object
  17. Configure the settings to match your existing Xenta 527 Web Server
  18. The SQL Host number needs to match the Host number of the computer with primary access database.
  19. Configure any other settings that are in use in the existing 527 Web Server (SMTP settings, etc.)
  20. Click Project> Generate.
  21. Check the Output Pane to ensure there were no errors
  22. Click on the ICON of the space shuttle to send the project to it's target
  23. When prompted, Choose to use the projects information over the target information.
  24. Close XBuilder
  25. In Vista workstation You can now view events from I/NET in the event Window. If you have any issues with I/NET events, and you have full version of I/NET open AMT and insure they are coming through there first. If not see AMT not receiving Data.  If you are running I/NET Host tool, you can view I/NET event by browsing to the 527 in Internet Explorer and viewing the I/NET events. Host masking can also be set for the 527 in the web browser.
  26. You should receive Full individual information for all Transactions (first, name last name, etc.) You can see this in Vista and by connecting to the Xenta 527 through your web browser. If you do not see this, ensure you are using this correct SQL Host number.
  27. You can control I/NET points directly through the Vista Tree structure or by Selecting Tools>I/NET Host Tool

*The Bridge between I/NET and Vista is created using the 527. This must be the Xenta 527 not the Xenta 527-NPR (see Xenta 527 Part Number Reference)

For information about setting up I/NET alarms in Vista, see Additional settings necessary to receive Vista Alarms from an I/NET point

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