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I/NET unable to connect to Xenta 527 on Windows 7


I/NET Seven is unable to connect to a Xenta 527 on Windows 7 Pro based computer. I/NET Configuration can not see any online NPR devices but a direct serial connection connects normally to the 527.


  • I/NET Seven rev 2.4X and above
  • Windows 7 Pro (32-bit)
  • Xenta 527


Even though the Windows firewall was turned off, some ports were blocked by default. I/NET communicates on Port 50069.


  1. Go into Windows Firewall through Control Panel
  2. Select Advanced Security
  3. Select Inbound Rules
    There may be multiple instances of I/NET Seven I/O Server entries for \Inet seven\inetiosrv.exe.
    Likely four instances, two public UDP and TCP and two for Private UDP and TCP.
    Public and Private profiles need to set for "Allow."
  4. Double click any I/NET Seven I/O Server instances that are not enabled, then change the Action to "Allow the Connection"
  5. Select OK or Apply
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