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IAC touch screens reset to default address on Sundays


The address of the IAC touch screen will reset to default (65) on Sundays when time broadcast is used


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MicroNet transition

IAC touch screen


When the time broadcast on an AS or ES MicroNet interface the address of the touch screen will reset

Instead of broadcasting the day number as a 7, the day number is sent as a 0.
The IAC touch screen does not understand day 0, resulting in the touch screen resetting to defaults. No other days are effected.

When the touch screen resets, the touch screen's address is also reset and defaults to address 65.
Unless the touch screen was originally configured as address 65, the controllers on the SubLAN of the touch screen will not be available, untill the correct address is entered into the touch screen.


A hotfix is available from Product Support for SBO version

This correction has been included in SBO 1.8 and later releases.

Earlier SBO version will need to be upgraded to SBO 1.7.1 with the hotfix applied or upgrade to version 1.8 when available

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