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Identifying the non-MicroSmart controllers in a DMS system.


Identifying the non-MicroSmart controllers in a DMS system.




Old installation of DMS with controllers not identified in any Niagara DMS/MicroSmart integration literature


Controllers that were manufactured prior to revision 9.X do not have MicroSmart capability. These controllers are accessed through DMS programming only. It should be noted that it is not possible to add MicroSmart capability to these controllers. The controller model numbers are:

  • Slave CO/CI Module N604-002, N604-012
  • Slave AI Module N604-003
  • Slave Pneumatic Motherboard N604-004
  • Slave AO Module N604-016, N604-017
  • General Purpose Slave Module N604-021, N604-025

The controllers listed above can reside on the same trunk with MicroSmart controllers that are revision 9.2, 10.X or 11.X. The only requirements are that the Slave controllers must have revision 9.0 firmware installed and the trunk must be a 2 wire design (not 4 wire).

For more information about non-Microsmart controllers, review Tech Tip #350-95-03

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