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Implementing/Troubleshooting Periodic Reports in Vista Workstation


How to set up a periodic report in Vista Workstation.  Troubleshooting techniques to solve a periodic report that will not run.


Vista Workstation 5


There are three objects required to work together.  They are:

  • Time Event - Object
  • Report
  • Report - Periodical


Verify settings in each of the three Vista objects

Time Event - Object

  1. Create a Time Event - Object.  Right-click and go to Properties.
  2. View the Time Event Settings Tab
    1. Choose the interval type and frequency.
    2. Ensure a start time is checked and occurs prior to when the report should run.
    3. Check a stop time.  If a stop time is needed, leave it checked.  If not, uncheck it.
  3. Click OK
  4. Right-click again and go to Properties.
  5. View the General Tab
    1. Description is optional
    2. Next Event: should be populated with a date and time.


  1. Create a Report object.  Right-click and go to Properties.
  2. Go to the Report Tab
    1. If the report is to be printed, define a printer.
    2. If the report is to be saved to the hard drive, define a destination folder.
    3. Define a report file name.  This will be the name of the saved folder.
    4. If multiple copies are to be saved, uncheck overwrite existing file.  Files will be saved with a datetime extension on the file name.
  3. To insert a trend log or value into the report, navigate to the report in Vista Workstation, right click, and go to edit. Select a cell in excel towards the top left of the page where the trend or value will be inserted. In excel menus, navigate to Vista Links > Insert > Trend Log or Value. Browse in the value or trend log out of the vista database, adjust settings to the project preference and click okay. Finally make sure that the report is saved to the Vista database by navigating to Vista Reports > Save.


Report - Periodical

  1. Create a Report - Periodical.  Right-click and go to Properties.  This is the object that will tie together the Time Event - Object with the Report.
  2. General
    1. Report:  Browse to the Report object in the Vista database
  3. Settings
    1. Active: must be checked.
    2. If the report is to be printed, check Print report.
    3. If the report is to be saved to the hard drive, check Save copy
  4. Event Settings
    1. Event:  Browse to the Time Event - Object in the Vista database
    2. If the report is to run when the event begins, check Tripped
    3. If the report is to run when the event ends, check Reset.  At least one of these should be checked.
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