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Importing an existing Xbuilder project into a Vista Database.


Importing an existing Xbuilder project into a Vista Database.



Vista Workstation


Site moving from Xenta Server only to Vista Server Front End


  1. Open your existing Xbuilder Project
  2. Select Project>Settings
  3. check the box labeled "Send Project backup file to target device"
  4. Click OK
  5. Press F11 to Sent the project file to target.
  6. Once this process is complete you will be able to recover the project file
  7. Open Vista workstation.
  8. Create a Xenta Server
  9. Right-click and edit the Xenta Server
  10. XBuilder will open
  11. Configure the Xenta servers IP and password information to match the existing device
  12. Select Project>Get From Target
  13. XBuilder will import the project files from the field device
  14. In XBuilder click on Vista Database and chose "Save As..." and browse down to the Xenta Server and click "Select"
  15. Click "OK" to the message "The LonWorks network in your XBuilder project will be replaced by the LonWorks network under the Xenta Server in Vista."
  16. In Vista, click on Refresh to refresh the Xenta Server
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