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In InVue, when starting communications from the Launchpad, an error appears as a pop-up window: Unable to initialize COM: hr = 0x80004015! HRDB I\O Server exiting


New hardware was supplied by the end customer for an existing InVue-installed computer.  InVue was installed from the original installation CDs.  The site backup was restored successfully.  Launchpad opens, Project Manager and Application Manager start properly.  When Communications is started, a pop-up error appears as shown below:


Wonderware for Intelligent Building Systems (WIBS) version 1.1


This error is caused by one step of the installation process that does not complete.


To correct the error,

1. Stop / close all WIBs programs.
2. Install CD#1 from the WIBS CD set.
3. Override pre-requisites and click on “Upgrade Operating System”.  Allow this step to finish.  When it is done, it will ask if the computer can be rebooted.  Select Yes.  If the computer reboots successfully, then move onto step 4.  If, after selecting Yes, the computer “hangs” and it needs to be manually forced into a reboot, then this step did not complete successfully.  Re-do “Upgrade Operating System” until the computer reboots successfully on its own.  Then move on to step 4.
4. Re-install WIBS1.1 service pack 3.
5. Open Launchpad.  Select the Job (in Job Manager).  Select the Application (in Application Manager).  Start Communications.

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