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In Niagara G3, can the station's web login page be customized to display a custom logo?


In Niagara G3, can the station's web login page be customized to display a custom logo?


Niagara G3


Instruction on displaying a custom logo on the station web login page.


If the WebService of a Niagara G3 station is configured for cookie authentication (the default), the station's login page can be customized to add a custom logo, centered over the login entry field.  Adding a custom logo can be done by performing the following steps:

  1. Go to the slot sheet of WebServices under Services in the station and add a new slot.
  2. Name the slot "logo", and select Type of "baja" and "Ord".
  3. In the property sheet of the WebServices, the new slot logo now can be used to point to an image for display on the login screen.
  4. The custom logo will also appear above the "Powered by NiagaraAX" when loading the Web Workbench applet.
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