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In Niagara G3, the commissioning and binding processes fail for a Trane lon controller.


Attempting to commission and bind to a Trane lon controller (object name:  Lcir & programID 80:00:CF:07:00:0A:04:05, 80:00:2A:55:00:03:04:0C, and Lcir-DAC 80:00:2A:56:0A:03:04:04. Both processes fail.  An xif file was created directly from the controller using Nodeutil.

Click here to view the xif file.


Niagara G3 version 3.5.25


The commissioning process concludes with a change of state to the controller ('config/online' to 'offline' to 'online'). The issue is that this particular Trane controller responds to the first requests ('config/online' to 'offline') but fails to respond to the 'online' request (original message plus three retries as defined by the LonWorks protocol) or approximately 400 mSec.

In addition, the binding process also utilizes an 'online' to 'offline' to 'online' change of state and has some similar delays within the controller response.


Modifying the Retry Count within the Lon Comm Config settings (from 3 to 6) allows up to 6 retries in the event of a no response for this type of  message. The actual Trane node appears to take a long period of time (over 500 mSec) to respond to the change of state message.

This change to the retry count will not affect the bus unless there are bus issues that generate multiple retries. Basically, the change will be not be noticeable on a solid operating bus.

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