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In Niagara G3, trying to do a 'Learn NV' on a MNL controller generates an error: Could not invoke the command "Learn Nv". LearnNv blocked if XmlFile is not nu...


In Niagara G3, a Learn Nv command on a MNL controller generates the following error:


Niagara G3 LON


Attempting to learn the new snvt profile from a controller that is already assigned a lnml file.


If a LearnNv command is required on a controller already assigned a lnml file, the only way to avoid the error is to remove the lnml file assignment such that the file assignment is null.
Then the LearnNv command will successfully complete.
Access the Property Sheet of the LON controller and clear the 'Xml File' and Save.  The file name will be replaced with 'null'.

Note:  Performing a Learn Nv on any Lon device previously using a Lon Xml file, LonComponent data from any manufacturer-defined type info is removed (lost).

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