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In a Niagara R2 MicroSmart integration, extra programming has been done in the MicroSmart controllers. Does it have to be uploaded to the existing station programming?


An existing Niagara R2 MicroSmart integration has been operational for several years.  Recent changes required reprogramming of some MicroSmart controllers -- points added, points deleted, points renamed.  How do these changes get uploaded to the existing station in the UNC?


Niagara R2 MicroSmart integrations (all versions)


Changes to building HVAC equipment.


The MicroSmart driver uses the point list loaded in the PointListManager of the IbsMsService for reference.  So any changes to a point type, order, id, engineering unit, or status id must be uploaded in a "new" point list.

Review the MicroSmart Driver Engineering Guide (F-27327), chapter 3, section 3.3 and 3.3.1 for a detailed review of how to work with updating unit displays and gx page "displays".

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